Simple ways to help out the earth! Check out the "Garbage Moguls." The company is called "Terracycle," and they find ways to reuse trash!


A 5 minute video on how a used plastic milk jug is recycled into a fence!


Other "Earthy" Resources:

Kids Saving Energy--Games, tips, and facts just for kids who want to save energy!

EcoKids--Canada's way of helping students celebrate Earth Day!

Recycling--games and information for kids

Eddy the Eco Dog--games, cartoons, and more

Environmental Kids Club--from the Environmental Protection Agency

Garbage--how much waste do you produce?

The Lorax Save the Trees Game--from the Seussville website

Elmer's Glue Crew--join this "crew" and collect glue bottles and glue sticks for recycling!

The Adventures of KAB MAN!--follow the adventures of this Eco Super Hero!

Clean Sweep USA--comic adventures of keeping our earth clean