george-washington-1782-painting.jpgGeorge Washington led the fight for freedom from England and helped establish a new country.

washington_crossing_the_delaware.jpgGeorge Washington was the first President of the United States. Before that, he was head of the Continental Army, fighting the British for American freedom. This is a famous portrait of George Washington crossing the Delaware during the war, to surprise the enemy. You can watch the (silly but informative) video below to learn more about why we needed to win our freedom from England!

To honor George Washington and all that he did to help our country, there was a monument built for him in Washington, D.C. that is called the "Washington Monument." You can click on this linkto visit the monument and learn more about it!


Washington was also honored by being on the dollar bill and the quarter. dollar_bill_2.jpg50_states_quarter_obv_large.jpg

You can visit George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon, today to see how he lived back then. Mt. Vernon was a plantation, or large farm. George loved being there and even while he was President, dreamed of returning to his days as a farmer. Click on this linkto go to the website about Mt. Vernon.


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