helen_keller_portrait.jpgHelen Keller: She overcame disabilities and worked to help others who were blind and/or deaf.

At 19 months old, Helen got sick and it left her both blind and deaf. Because she was so young, she had never learned to speak.


Anne Sullivan helped Helen communicate with the world.

She was both teacher and friend to Helen. Here you see her "finger spelling" with Helen.

helen_at_graduation.jpgHelen was the first person was both blind and deaf to graduate from college.

Helen wrote her own story, The Story of My Life, which was then made into a movie. Helen won an Oscar, a big award, for her movie.helen_with_her_oscar.jpg

This is from a 1930s Newsreel footage of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan!

Helen lived from 1880 - 1968. Throughout her life, she saw many changes in the world, from horse and buggy to car, from radio to television. Through it all, she served as an inspiration to others.

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