Steps to Creating a Your Own "Glog"

1. Go to

2. Log in with your "nickname" and "password"

3. Click on "create new glog"

4. Choose a "wall". This is your background. Think about the project you are doing and try to make it a theme! Click on "use it" to make it your wall!

2. Add a title to your page. What is it about? Choose "Text" and a shape to type your title.

3. Add pictures to your glog. Be sure the pictures are part of your theme! You wouldn't want to put dog pictures on a page about cats! You can either use what glogster has, or upload your own. Click on "Images". You may "upload" from a folder or use what you already have! Good sites to go to would be: and

4. If possible, add a video. You can embed these from youtube,, Discovery Education, and more! You can also add sounds and music from copyright friendly sites such as

5. Add text to you poster so we know other things about your topic. Do this by clicking on "Text."

6. Be sure to save your glog!