Some animals look like their parents from birth:

White-Tailed Deer

fawn.jpg yearling.jpgYearling (young adult)

Fawn (baby) looks like a small, spotted version of an adult......



Female adult (doe) Male adult (buck)

Some animals look VERY different than their parents! They grow through a change, or metamorphosis, before looking like their parents!

Butterfly Life Cycle

Egg ------- Caterpillar (larvae) ------- Chrysalis (pupa) --------- Butterfly

butterfly_eggs.jpg catpilar.gifcrysalis.gifemerging_from_chrysalis.jpgbutrfly2.gif

Time Lapse of Monarch caterpillar to butterfly

Frog Life Cycle

Egg (frog spawn)------- Tadpole ------- Froglet ------ Frog

Frogspawn_closeup.jpg tadpole.jpg froglet4370.jpg frog.gif

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